Who are The Angels of KaoS?


We started out as a group of friends who first met up in Second Life, we became fed up with sitting round chatting, dancing or shopping so one of our number suggest we try a game called Guild Wars that she’d been playing before she found Second Life. Although there’s an organisation of choirs that share our name – we’re not related to them in any way except in name, if you’re looking for them – then you can find them at this linkĀ here.

Within days we were hooked on Guild Wars and to stave off the ever present guild recruiters (and for a bit of fun!) we formed our own Guild – not with any particular intention but just so we could have a cape and a hall to meet. Soon we started to recruit new members and our 4 became 5, the 5 became 6 and so on. Throughout, our main aim is still what it was all those years ago – to play the game well, be with friends and have fun!!

We’re now an international Guild – we have members in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Eastern Europe, Sweden and Scandinavia and we have been Allied to Guilds from the USA too.

Some of our members play very regularly, some not so regular but we don’t chase faction, set quota’s or require members to be online regularly – we’re not a PvP (Person versus Person) Guild as most of us mainly prefer PvE (Person versus Environment) – but if you want to play in the arena’s and pass faction to the Guild, no one will shout at you!

We pride ourselves – and expect it of all of our members – in helping others (either strangers, fellow members or allied members) with quests, missions or farming and the occasional spare weapon, scroll or what have you. In doing so we help newcomers to the game learn and wnjoy the game that we like playing and perhaps gain a new Guild member.

If you meet someone who you think would be a worthy addition to our Guild, let them have a look round here, then whisper an officer and ask them to offer an invite.




This where some of us hang out when we’re not in Guild Wars or Aion….


Now presenting Shenanigans, a small mainland hideaway made for sharing with a full program of music. Enjoy a live program of music from 10am to 4pm SLtime!

Visit in Second Life

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